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What Do You Write?

People ask me this all the time. It's an obvious question. Less easy to answer. If I were a playwright I'd say "Plays." "Poems," I'd say, if I were a poet. Or "Novels," if I were a novelist. But I'm none of these and these aren't what I write.

Short of Whatever grabs my interest, the technical answer would be "literary nonfiction" or "narrative nonfiction"—terms that don't mean much unless you already know what they mean, though the magazine Creative Nonfiction does a good job when they describe the form as "True stories, well told."

Your best answer will come from reading my work and deciding for yourself—because what matters is the end result, and a writer's claims are beside the point.

But I can tell you my goal: To tell compelling stories through the artful conveyance of fact. To use facts while pursuing truth and to do so without deception. To follow where my curiosity leads and where the facts demand. To find the magic in the ordinary. And to write what I discover with clarity and elegance. On this site you can find samples of my work and you can decide if I have succeeded.

Here's where we start.

From here or the menu, you can read about me. If you just want the facts, here's my C.V. You can get in touch with me. You can read about books I have published or am working on. You can read essays and articles. Or you can just meander around. Take your time ...

And Welcome.